Policies and Procedures
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association

17 August 2023


The following set forth the policies and procedures of the Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Association") of Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. The goal of the Association is that Pleasant Hill Cemetery (hereinafter referred to as "the Cemetery"), located at 345 S. 132nd Street in Omaha, NE, be a quiet, peaceful place for the deceased, where a sense of repose is maintained by dignified landscaping and well-maintained grounds. These policies and procedures have been implemented to accomplish this goal.

General Rules

  1. The Cemetery is open every day of the year. However, during winter snow is not always cleared from the roadways of the Cemetery.
  2. No dogs, cats, or other pets are allowed in the Cemetery.
  3. The Association has the general oversight of the Cemetery and shall coordinate the times and day of all funerals in the Cemetery with the funeral director.
  4. No firearms or weapons of any description except those carried by the Police Officers or those borne by an organized honor guard or firing squad may be brought to, carried in, or fired within the Cemetery.
  5. No person may operate or travel in a motor vehicle of any type within the Cemetery at a rate exceeding 10 miles an hour, and motor vehicles are permitted only on the paved roadways, except that they may park in open areas immediately adjoining the roadways if no other parking is available. However, those persons who must enter on or cross over any lots necessary to the performance of normal Cemetery operations shall have the right to do so.
  6. The Cemetery or the Association assumes no liability for property or physical damage, physical or mental anguish, caused or alleged to be caused, in the performance of normal operations, or for loss or damage by vandalism or any other acts caused by third persons.
  7. The Association reserves the right at any time to amend or change these policies and procedures.


  1. All interments in the Cemetery are subject to these rules and the statutes of the State of Nebraska, Douglas County, and the City of Omaha.
  2. The Association shall be given a minimum of twenty-four hours notice for the opening and preparation of graves prior to interment or disinterment.
  3. Interments are discouraged on Sundays and National or locally observed Holidays.
  4. Interments and interment services shall be made according to the laws of the State of Nebraska, Douglas County, the State Board of Health, and in the presence of a Licensed Mortician.
  5. The interment of two bodies in one grave will not be allowed, except in the case of two infants buried where sufficient grave space is available, or an infant's casket or cremation urn placed at the foot of the grave of one of his parents or relatives. No interment of any body other than that of a human being will be permitted.
  6. All cremations shall be buried in an urn constructed of non-deteriorating material clearly identifying the contents. A maximum of two urns may be buried in one gravesite, with the first buried in the west half of the gravesite and the second on the east half of the gravesite. A minimum of one foot of earth must cover the top of each urn.
  7. The lot owner or funeral director shall designate the location of the graves on the lot to a member of the Association. Any change of location made after the opening of the grave has begun shall be at the expense of the lot owner. When definite information for locating a grave is not available in ample time for grave preparation to meet the time requested for interment, the Association will exercise its best judgment in establishing the location in order that the requested time for interment may be met. The Association assumes no responsibility for any error in such location.
  8. Vaults are required for all burials. Vaults shall be constructed of non-deteriorating material. No steel or fiberglass vault shall be allowed except for infants less than one year of age at death.
  9. A single casket may not be buried so as to occupy more than one burial space.

Blocks, Lots, and Burial Spaces

  1. Generally the Cemetery is divided into blocks, which are in turn subdivided into four lots, which are in turn subdivided into eight burial spaces. See Appendix A for layout detail.
  2. All arrangements to purchase blocks, lots, or burial spaces shall be coordinated with the Association. The purchaser shall receive a Certificate of Lot Ownership from the Association for the space or spaces purchased. A purchaser acquires no right, title, or interest until he has paid in full for the space or spaces. Any purchase of more than eight grave sites must be approved by the board.
  3. The purchaser may record his Certificate of Lot Ownership in the office of the Register of Deeds for Douglas County. The Association has no duty to record a purchaser's Certificate and has no liability to a purchaser for failure to record a Certificate.
  4. A purchaser may sell the space or spaces he owns back to the Association only at the discretion of the Association. The Association is under no obligation to repurchase a burial space.
  5. Certificates of Ownership may be sold to a third party only after the board of directors has consented to the sale and has recorded the transfer on the records of the Association.
  6. If the owner of a Certificate of Ownershipwho cannot be located after a period of ten (10) years, the space escheats to the Association after normal inquiry about any known relatives.

Care of the Cemetery

  1. The Association shall be responsible for general landscape work, improvements, and mowing.
  2. No person may plant any shrubs or trees in any burial space or elsewhere in the Cemetery without permission from the Association. Flowers are permitted. However, the Association is not responsible for the destruction of any plantings during normal mowing operations.
  3. Floral arrangements, artificial flowers, or any other items placed on grave sites may be removed by the Association or its representative whenever it judges them unsightly, dangerous, detrimental, diseased, or distracting from the general decorum of the Cemetery. The Cemetery shall not be liable for plantings or their containers if lost, stolen, or broken. The Cemetery shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the elements, lack of water, thieves, vandals, or other causes beyond its control.
  4. Glass containers of any sort may not be placed anywhere in the Cemetery and will be removed by the Association.
  5. Maintenance (other than mowing) of individual gravesites—such as the cleaning of stones, sunken soil, and the sodding of new graves—shall be the responsibility of the lot owner.
  6. The right to replat, regrade, use property, change boundaries, sell a portion of the Cemetery, purchase additional ground for the Cemetery, remove or regrade roads, change locations of drives and walks, etc., is expressly reserved by the Association.

Monument and Marker Regulations

  1. A monument is hereby designated to be of a size weighing 1200 pounds or more and commonly used with headstones to mark the graves. All monuments markers and headstones must have a foundation. Stone work or monumental work once placed on its foundation shall not be removed, except by permission of the Cemetery Board. Only one upright stone will be allowed on a lot; all other stones will be horizontal markers. Only one horizontal marker per grave space will be allowed. A horizontal duplex marker is of the type that marks two graves without the use of headstones. Duplex markers must be located and set in a manner that allows excavation of both graves at different times. All monuments, headstones, and markers must be monolithic regardless of the theme. The size of a horizontal marker shall be consistent with the size of the lot. No stone or marker may bear anything of an advertising nature. No monument, headstone, or marker will be placed on the lot unless the lot is paid for in full.
  2. All inscription work on new monuments, headstones, and markers must be done prior to setting except date of death.
  3. Owners of lots shall have the right to erect proper stones or monuments thereon, but all stones and monuments shall be free from defects as regards their quality of endurance. No veneered monuments shall be erected and no tablets of wood or iron shall be placed on any lot. All monuments, headstones, or markers shall be made of bronze or granite, marble, or other durable stone.
  4. All memorial foundations shall be placed on solid ground not included in actual grave space except where grave liner is of permanent type and of sufficient strength to support the weight of the foundation and memorial, and will not interfere with future grave openings. Foundations for all upright monuments and horizontal markers shall be four inches wider and longer than the base dimension of the monument for a depth of at least 24 inches. This is to facilitate monument alignment and aesthetics following grass trimming. All horizontal markers must be set on a concrete base no less than 8 inches deep. Soil conditions below the surface are unpredictable.
  5. Monuments or markers shall be placed at the head of the lot as platted. No more than one marker shall be placed at any one grave except that on an old lot, existing markers may be duplicated. On multiple lots for entire families where a headstone or monument serves two or more graves, the headstone or monument will be on a line centered between the lots. Markers may then denote each individual grave. No monument or marker shall be set unless it is first approved by the Cemetery Board. On a lot containing both a family monument and individual grave markers, the individual grave markers shall be placed with top surface at ground level.
  6. No rock or rock products will be allowed as a border around memorial markers.
  7. The pounding in or insertion of any type of stake or metal rod into the ground anywhere in the Cemetery is prohibited.
  8. If any headstone, marker, memorial, structure, or inscription is determined by the Cemetery Board to be offensive, the cemetery shall have to right to require the offensive item be replaced or altered at the patron's expense. Should the patron not comply, the cemetery retains the right to remove the item.


  1. All fees and charges are payable at the time of service and shall be made to Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association, c/o Treasurer, 5061 S. 149 Ct, Omaha, NE 68137.
  2. A schedule of fees and charges as established by the Association and set forth in Appendix B to these regulations shall be on file in the office of the Association at the above address. Such schedule may change without notice.

Article 7

  1. The cemetery map is maintained by Thompson, Dreesen and Dorner at 10836 Old Mill Road, Omaha, NE 68154.
  2. The record of gravesites is maintained on an Excel spreadsheet by John von Dohren.
  3. Recent meeting minutes is maintained by Andrew von Dohren. Historical meeting minutes are maintained at the Association office at 5061 S 149 Ct, Omaha, NE 68137.
  4. Records of issued deeds are stored at the Association office.
  5. Annual financial reports are maintained at the Association office.
  6. The Association maintains various banking and brokerage accounts as it deems necessary. The records of those transactions are maintained at the Association office.